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Newsletter October 2018

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This month in science (October 2018)
society article
Barbara Cassin: 2018 CNRS Gold Medal
Philosophy The 2018 CNRS Gold Medal, France's highest scientific prize, is awarded to the philosopher and Hellenist Barbara Cassin for her work on the world’s languages, the challenges of translation, and the power of words. We republish her 2017 profile.
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earth article
Climate: a Half-Degree that Could Change Everything
Environment Upon the publication of the IPCC’s Special Report on the Impact of Global Warming of 1.5 °C, three experts who contributed to its drafting—the ecologist Wolgang Cramer, the paleoclimatologist Joël Guiot and the economist Jean-Charles Hourcade—provide an overview of the possibilities for containing climate change under the current objective of 2°C.
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life digital article
CNRS Innovation Medalists 2018
innovation The Medal of Innovation was awarded on October 10 to Valérie Castellani, Thierry Chartier and Daniel Le Berre. Awarded by the CNRS since 2011, this prize rewards researchers for their outstanding work in the technological, therapeutic or social fields.
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Also this month
society article
Ancient Maya Resource Management Revealed
Archaeology The results from a major campaign of lidar mapping in Guatemala caused a sensation early this year, revealing the remains of 60,000 Maya ruins, most of them totally unknown and buried beneath the dense tropical forest. Seven international teams used this incredible trove of information that...
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society video
Meet Nina, the Social Robot
Robotics If we are to one day communicate naturally with robots, they will need to master not only speech, but also the subtle yet essential rules of non-verbal communication such as posture and eye movement. A team of researchers is using machine-learning techniques to teach those skills to Nina, their...
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society article
An Iconographic Treasure Unearthed in Jordan
Archaeology In northern Jordan, a Roman-era painted tomb has been unearthed by the Department of Antiquities. An extraordinary document of religious, political, and social history that three historians and epigraphists have had an opportunity to examine, and are striving to interpret.
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earth article
13 Ocean-based Solutions to Combat Climate Change
Environment With its sizeable capacity to absorb atmospheric CO​2 from greenhouse emissions, the ocean is a key weapon in our fight against global warming, employed in a growing number of climate-regulation and ecosystem-protection solutions. But not all these ocean-based measures are of equal merit, warns a...
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society article
Why Society Cannot Be Modeled
Epistemology Can social phenomena be described by mathematical laws? In his recent book, the physicist Pablo Jensen warns against the temptation of modeling everything, which—following our increasing reliance on big data and algorithms—seems to increasingly push us to understand our society only through...
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matter diaporama
Spotlight on Heritage
History From South America to Asia, from Akhenaten to Marcel Proust, here is an overview of the different research for conserving, protecting, and reconstructing our shared heritage.
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life article
Athletes and Scientists Together for the 2024 Olympics
Sports This month saw the launch of Sciences 2024, a research project that is unprecedented in France. Its objective is to optimize the performance of French athletes, and to contribute to their success at the Olympic and Paralympic Games that will take place in Paris in 2024. Christophe Clanet, a CNRS...
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matter article
Three Innovation Start-ups on the Move
innovation Whether it’s developing smart materials for safer roads or connected medical instruments to help doctors make the best-informed decisions, CNRS research is at the heart of a number of start-ups. We take a look at three of these new companies currently in the spotlight: Olikrom, Sensome and Damae...
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