Making sense of science
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This month saw the launch of Sciences 2024, a research project that is unprecedented in France. Its objective is to optimize the performance of French athletes, and to contribute to their success at...
From South America to Asia, from Akhenaten to Marcel Proust, here is an overview of the different research for conserving, protecting, and reconstructing our shared heritage.
Chemists, historians and conservators are seeking to preserve—and possibly one day exhibit—extremely fragile prints by Louis Ducos du Hauron, the little-known pioneer of color photography and whose...
Although its existence has been suspected for more than seventy years, the hunt for dark matter continues, as physicists around the world attempt to track it down. Or are they all just chasing an...
The perception of odors remains in many ways a mystery. However, a research team in Nice (southeastern France) has perfected a new protocol for predicting the activation of an olfactory receptor by...

The world's most reflective mirrors, which reflect 99.9999% of incident light, were developed by a French laboratory. Discover the manufacturing secrets of these essential components of...

Ceramics have been present since prehistory, and are now a part of many cutting-edge applications due to their advantageous properties and the inventiveness of researchers. From aeronautics and...