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The United Nations declared 2022 the International Year of Glass, whose official launch took place on 10 and 11 February in Geneva, Switzerland. Researcher Daniel Neuville provides a brief yet eye-...
Computer scientist and mathematician Jean-Paul Delahaye explains why Bitcoin’s electricity consumption is a major flaw that should result in it being banned or replaced by less energy-intensive...
Rapid improvements in deepfake technology, which modifies a person's appearance or voice in real time, call for an ethical review at this still early stage. Researchers in cognitive science shed...
What contains 25% of the Earth’s known biodiversity and 75% of its terrestrial biomass, provides its natural fertility, and regulates its watercourses as well as the climate? No need to look very far...
What can we do when a technology created to promote commercial products is used to influence people's political opinions?
Studies in widely vaccinated populations, such as those in Israel and the UK, have confirmed in vivo the protection promised by different vaccines. The risk of vaccinated individuals transmitting the...