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Access Policy

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Access Policy

Separation of form and content

The use of stylesheets separates the website’s layout and its content.  
This ensures a coherent reading order within the structure of each page to allow for effective navigation if CSS is disabled. 


Navigation menus, search field and site map are available on all pages of the website.
The logo on the left leads the user back to the home page.

Reference points for the user

A breadcrumb trail is present on all the pages of the website which lets the user know where his/her location during navigation.  

Use of pictograms

For all contents of the website, users can enlarge or reduce the font size of the text.

Font size

For all contents of the website, users can enlarge or reduce the font size of the text.

Navigation in "Articles" 

Articles and longer features have a summary that lists the different sections of the article. This summary scrolls down as the user is reading the article, allowing him or her to switch between various sections of the article. 


Above each content of the website is a button that generates a simplified, printable version of the content.

Using pictures

Each image is accompanied by a description.
Photo credits are visible either:
• in the image caption
• affixed at the bottom of the image
• hovering over the image with the mouse  

Audio and video contents

A text transcription is usually provided on audio or video content. However, we cannot always produce the transcripts for all content. This is something on which we are working.

Additional information relating to audio tracks or videos are available on the "About" page. This information is also available for embedded media in the body of a content in the "About" page.

Browser Compatibility

To enjoy all the features offered by the CNRS NEWS website, we recommend that you upgrade your browser.

We guarantee an optimal display for the following browsers:
• Internet Explorer 9
• + Firefox 16
• Chrome 23
• Safari
• Chrome
• Internet Explorer Mobile 10

For prior versions, so-called "Graceful Degradation” has been set up to give non-optimized display of pages of this website. However, we cannot guarantee the proper function of the following: 
• Slideshow mode
• Zoom image mode
• Responsive Design behavior