Making sense of science
Using Nature as a model for better robots? A team of bioroboticists in the South of France have created, for the first time, an autonomous six legged robot able to—without using GPS—find its way back to its nest using navigation skills inspired by Cataglyphis, the desert ant. 
It is in the Callao cave on the island of Luzon in the north of the Philippines that a new species of early human has been discovered by an international team: Homo luzonensis. It was identified from 50 to 67,000 year-old fossils. We interviewed...
At long last! After tracking it for five nights, scientists are revealing to the world the image of a supermassive black hole in the heart of the M87 Galaxy. A picture obtained by the international collaboration Event Horizon Telescope. A historical moment.
From the jungles of the Amazon to the peaks of the Himalayas, the depths of oceans to those of underground wells, scientists are sometimes severely put to the test in collecting data, setting up measuring instruments, or conducting experiments. An overview of...
The factor that unites both of these pathologies: memory. The recently demonstrated ability to modify reactivated memories paves the way for potential new treatments. Pascale Gisquet-Verrier and Claire Le Dorze present this new therapeutic approach.
Introduced in the past ten years, immunotherapy is starting to revolutionise the treatment of cancer. Scientists no longer settle for making the immune system destroy a tumour, but indeed strive to remove all the obstacles to its functioning.
Each of our cells contains our entire genetic code. However, some become skin or muscle cells, or even neurons! This is what epigenetics can achieve. We met with Edith Heard, a global specialist in the discipline, who in January took over as director general...
A cutting-edge web platform, fed by brain-scan data from thousands of persons of all ages and states of health, now pinpoints the changes in brain structure that mark the onset of Alzheimer’s in...

Flying an airplane into a thunderstorm may not sound like a good idea. Unless you are a physicist. Scientists from the Exaedre project have led an exceptional mission to study the physics of...

In Iraqi Kurdistan, excavations carried out by a French archaeological mission have revealed an ancient city on the site of Kunara. Towards the end of the 3rd millennium BC, this city stood in the...
In his new book, the physicist Sébastien Balibar tells the story of the encounter in Paris of the Hungarian László Tisza and the German Fritz London, two scientists who fled Nazism, and their...
Niger’s second-largest city is hosting a photographic exhibition on everyday life in the region at the turn of the twentieth century, in the initial stages of French colonisation. Camille Lefebvre, a...

Due to climate change, the Argentière glacier in the French Alps has been losing a metre of thickness every year for the past 30 years. A team of scientists has equipped the icy giant with more...

A complex of churches hewn directly into the rock, located in the centre of Ethiopia, is slowly yielding its secrets, thereby enabling a better grasp of the country’s history.
Conflicts of interest, merchants of doubt, the influence of private foundations... many factors can cloud scientific discourse. The philosopher Mathias Girel, a specialist in epistemology at the...
Will Europe take part in the next space mission to Uranus and Neptune? To discuss the issues and technical questions that such a mission entails, Olivier Mousis, a specialist in planetary formation,...
This February, the world’s leading experts in ancient materials research convened in Paris for the World Meeting on Heritage, Sciences and Technologies. For Loïc Bertrand, director of the IPANEMA...
Combining miniaturisation and wireless connection, mobile devices require quick and durable sources of electricity: micro-supercapacitors and microbatteries could provide the solution.

Most professional pianists believe that their unique way of playing—posture, fine hand movements—defines a specific piano sound. A team of researchers and professional piano players are testing...