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From the Neolithic period to modern times, from cattle plague to SARS-CoV-2, the emergence of new infectious diseases has often been the result of changes that mankind has inflicted on the...


Birds are an increasingly rare sight in our cities. In this report, researchers from the Centre for Biological Studies of Chizé (CEBC) investigate the problems – noise, light, lack of food – that...


Eleven churches carved from a rock, centuries of history and a mystery that remains. An ambitious research programme tries to unveil the complex past of Lalibela, the largest christian site in...


In this animated video, discover the SuperCam instrument, developed by teams from the CNRS, the CNES and their French and international partners, and embarked on the Perseverance which landed on...


Waterproofing, fire-proofing and non-stick coating. These technologies bring safety and comfort to our daily lives, but are based on chemicals called per and polyfluoroalkyl substances or...


A network of cells that can learn and adapt...and all this without a brain! The Blob continues to fascinate scientists like Audrey Dussutour, who has studied it for years. She hopes that it will...


Scientists have developed an easy and cheap solution to Covid-19 testing. The saliva-based test EasyCov can be done anywhere, and provides accurate results in under an hour.


At an altitude of 5,300 metres, the city of la Rinconada, Peru, is the highest permanent human settlement in the world. While many residents suffer from hypoxia, oxygen deprivation, others are...