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Waterproofing, fire-proofing and non-stick coating. These technologies bring safety and comfort to our daily lives, but are based on chemicals called per and polyfluoroalkyl substances or...


A network of cells that can learn and adapt...and all this without a brain! The Blob continues to fascinate scientists like Audrey Dussutour, who has studied it for years. She hopes that it will...


Scientists have developed an easy and cheap solution to Covid-19 testing. The saliva-based test EasyCov can be done anywhere, and provides accurate results in under an hour.


At an altitude of 5,300 metres, the city of la Rinconada, Peru, is the highest permanent human settlement in the world. While many residents suffer from hypoxia, oxygen deprivation, others are...


As we have learned in these times of social distancing, living in close-knit communities can be, in certain cases, quite detrimental to individuals! An international team of researchers is...


How can Notre-Dame's stone, woodworks and stained glass be restored in the best possible manner? A large scientific collaboration bringing together more than 50 research teams has begun to...