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Newsletter March 2017

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This month in science (March 2017)
space article
A Planetary System that Could Support Life
Astronomy Seven Earth-sized planets have been detected orbiting Trappist-1, an ultra-cool dwarf star in our galactic neighborhood. Some of them appear to be potentially habitable. The latest results of this study were published today in the journal Nature.
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digital article
Pyrène: a New Humanoid Robot
Robotics Stronger, smarter, more agile, and taller than its predecessor, a new humanoid robot called Pyrène will soon take center stage as France’s main platform for advanced robotics research.
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matter article
Hydrogen Cars for All?
Chemistry The “European Fuel Cell Car Workshop 2017” is being held in Orléans (France) March 1-3, bringing together researchers and industry. We take a closer look at this new technology and its advantages.
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Also this month
society article
Science and Peace
History While science has historically been associated with war, scientists have long advocated for peace. Thus in July 1957 the first “Conference on Science and World Affairs” brought together a number of distinguished scientists. Denis Guthleben looks at the history of the “Pugwash movement,” which won...
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digital article
Robots Head for the Sky
Robotics Flying robots that can handle objects and interact with their environment could soon be used by a number of industries. Research, conducted partly in France as part of a European consortium, has resulted in the creation of prototypes that are currently the most advanced in the world. Interview with...
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life article
Alzheimer's Disease: Research in Progress
Health With more than 200,000 new cases each year in France, Alzheimer's is the most common neurodegenerative disease. CNRS News reviews recent advances in terms of treatment and diagnosis.
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matter article
A Hidden Side of Lanthanides
Chemistry Chemists have synthetized—and for the first time experimentally analyzed—a molecule based on an extremely unstable form of thulium, one of the lanthanide metals whose startling properties lend them to a myriad of applications.
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society article
Everything You always Wanted to Know about Sex
Anthropology Why don’t humans copulate in public? Why have they had to organize their sexuality according to strict rules? And how did pleasure of the flesh become a sin?
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digital article
AI's Next Move: Real-Time Strategy Games
Artificial Intelligence After AlphaGo’s victory over the world’s best Go players, the giants of Silicon Valley are pitting artificial intelligence against real-time strategy (RTS) video games like StarCraft.
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life billet
Imagining the Animals of the Future
Biology In a recent book, Marc Boulay and Sébastien Steyer set themselves quite a challenge: that of imagining what animals will be like in 10 million years' time. Steyer, a paleontologist, outlines the scientific interest of this kind of intellectual exercise, known as speculative biology.
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society article
Hunting for the Origins of Humankind
Paleoanthropology In the spring of 2016, a team of French researchers headed for Namibia to look for human fossil sites. Read on for a day-to-day account of their first exploratory mission.
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