Making sense of science
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After two months of lockdown, have we become like the hikikomori – the Japanese youngsters who choose to live in isolation, shunning the outside world? Natacha Vellut, a psychosociologist at the...
According to Serge Morand, an ecologist and evolutionary biologist at the CNRS and CIRAD, researchers in ecology and the environmental sciences are more politically-minded than they were 20 or 30...
A subject of scientific studies in recent years, meditation is proving to be an effective antidote for stress and suffering in these times of abrupt change and uncertainty. The neuroscientist Antoine...
The Paris-based ISC-PIF Institute has published a series of maps generated from automated analysis of all scientific publications devoted to Covid-19. Its director explains the value of these...
The computer scientist Claire Mathieu explains how graph theory can help model the propagation of Covid-19, and assess the relevance of several confinement scenarios.
What would we do without them? Digital tools allow a majority of people under confinement to palliate the imposed seclusion, continue working or studying and find entertainment. At the same time, due...