Making sense of science
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The Paris-based ISC-PIF Institute has published a series of maps generated from automated analysis of all scientific publications devoted to Covid-19. Its director explains the value of these...
The computer scientist Claire Mathieu explains how graph theory can help model the propagation of Covid-19, and assess the relevance of several confinement scenarios.
What would we do without them? Digital tools allow a majority of people under confinement to palliate the imposed seclusion, continue working or studying and find entertainment. At the same time, due...
Rarely have scientists been so sollicited and praised by journalists and politicians, who seek their support in confronting the current health crisis. A consensus to be viewed with caution, warns...
​Interview with Josselin Thuilliez, a health economist, on coronavirus. This CNRS scientist works on epidemics and their impact on individual behaviours, healthcare systems and control policies. He...
A specialist in the replication of RNA viruses such as coronavirus, CNRS research professor Bruno Canard expresses his views on the CoVID-19 epidemic and the long-term importance of basic research...