Making sense of science
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From robot rebellions to climate apocalypses, science fiction envisions the consequences of our actions and societal choices in a more or less near – and often discomforting – future. In so doing it...
Machines will one day be able to carry out all tasks currently performed by humans. We asked the economist Gilles Saint-Paul to describe six possible futures for the 22nd century.
Among the thousands of exhibitors at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018, the world's largest consumer tech trade show, we put the spotlight on four young French start-ups that have come to...
As "Blade Runner 2049" hits cinemas across the world this month, Sandra Laugier revisits the philosophical implications of the original film by Ridley Scott, which came out in 1982. In the...
Why do people become attached to robots, how do they display this attachment, and is reproducible? Véronique Aubergé, a leading social robotics specialist shares her insight on the complex...