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Newsletter May 2017

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This month in science (May 2017)
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Probing Volcanoes with Cosmic-Ray Particles
Geophysics Scanning volcanoes to better identify their weaknesses: this groundbreaking work is made possible by muon telescopes, a new technology developed a mere ten years ago and now in operation on La Soufrière volcano in Guadeloupe.
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society article
Laureates of the CNRS Medal of Innovation 2017
Innovation Medals On June 15, the CNRS Medal of Innovation will be awarded to Raphaèle Herbin, Jean-Pierre Nozières, Jean-Marie Tarascon and Jamal Tazi. The medal is given in recognition of outstanding research in fields related to technology, medicine or the social sciences.
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Also this month
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Welcome to the World's Smallest Car Race
nanoscience The world’s first molecule-car race—the Nanocar Race—was held on 28-29 April at the CEMES in Toulouse and was broadcast live on YouTube. We met Christian Joachim, senior researcher at the CNRS and organizer of this historic event.
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earth article
A Prestigious Award for Claude Lorius
Glaciology French glaciologist Claude Lorius received the prestigious American Bower Award & Prize this month in Philadelphia. We look back at his exceptional career with Jerôme Chappellaz, of the Laboratoire de Glaciologie et Géophysique de l'Environnement (LGGE), who attended the ceremony with him.
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life article
Making Sense of the Sense of Smell
Neurology While we identify odors as being pleasant or unpleasant, we are seldom aware of the complexity of the sensations that they trigger. Researchers are set to fill the gap by investigating this “chemical sense,” whose characteristics and potential applications, from molecular modeling to disease...
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Algorithms: a Threat to Democracy?
Computer science Algorithms are increasingly present in our daily lives and decision-making processes. Yet in the era of big data and artificial intelligence, the lack of transparency of some automated data processing could threaten the rule of law and democracy. Computer scientist David Monniaux deciphers the...
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life article
This Animal is an Expert in Regeneration
Developmental biology Ascidians are strange little marine invertebrates shaped like wineskins that can quickly grow new tissue after suffering serious injury. The biological mechanisms underlying this process have barely been studied, but their investigation may provide precious insights for regenerative medicine.
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Chemistry without Solvents is Possible
Chemistry Chemists have revamped the traditional mortar and pestle technology by developing mechanochemical processes that make it possible to avoid solvents and their toxicity. Another step towards green chemistry.
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How Should Chess Players Be Rated?
Computer science A researcher from Toulouse has proposed a novel approach that would rank the greatest chess masters more fairly than the ELO system.
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Lifting the Veil on Dreams
Neuroscience However mysterious and uncontrollable, dreaming is a brain activity like any other, and one that researchers can look into. Interview with neurologist and sleep specialist Isabelle Arnulf.
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