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Newsletter March 2018

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This month in science (March 2018)
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Could Artificial Intelligence Overhaul Healthcare?
Artificial Intelligence Cerebral imaging, clinical decision support, screening of ocular diseases... artificial intelligence promises to revolutionize the tasks and uses of medical diagnoses. CNRS News provides an update on the recent advances and limitations of these new technologies applied to health.
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Why Some Cities Are Hotter than Others
Physics City centers tend to be hotter than the suburbs, but some heat up more than others. An international research team now shows that the spatial configuration of buildings determines how high a city’s night temperatures will rise—a key discovery to factor into tomorrow’s urban planning.
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Mont Saint Michel Reveals New Secrets
History The Mont Saint Michel was thought to have revealed all its secrets. Yet a group of historians and archaeologists, armed with the latest technologies, are taking advantage of a restoration project to shed new light on the history of this iconic monument, which stretches back more than a thousand years.
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Also this month
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Bitcoin, More than Just a Currency
Economics Beyond financial transactions, cryptocurrency stands out by its social organization based on complete decentralization, which has allowed it to develop up to now. But will it help it to survive?
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How to Improve Police-Citizen Relations
Political science A large comparative study of police-community relations around the world was recently published. If situations vary according to countries and regimes, some countries—like France—could do better. How to restore trust between the police and citizens? We asked political scientist Sebastian Roché, who...
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Securing Processors after Meltdown and Spectre
Computer science The Meltdown and Spectre attacks made the headlines in early 2018, and highlighted the security flaws that make computer processors vulnerable to attack. The specialist Clémentine Maurice examines the causes of these weaknesses, and encourages us to rethink the security of our computers.
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When Productivism is Bad for Agriculture
Agriculture Vincent Bretagnolle is studying alternatives to intensive agriculture over an area of 450 square kilometers of farmland south of Niort, in western France. He told CNRS News how reduced reliance on pesticides can increase farmers' incomes without affecting their production.
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The Enigma of Medieval Acoustic Jars

The "abbey of the angels" (abbaye Notre-Dame-des-Anges), built in the sixteenth century on the coast of western France, contains within its walls an exceptional collection of acoustic jars. What were they for? A team of archaeologists, acousticians,...

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Modeling the Panic Moment
Sociology If disaster is unpredictable, so too is the way that people may react to it. The different psychological factors that make individuals tick has inspired computer scientists to model how people really behave in a crisis—in the hope of boosting our readiness for future calamities.
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The Mystery of the Mehrgarh Amulet
Archaeology Discovered in Pakistan in 1985, the Mehrgarh wheel amulet, 6000 years old, has long remained an enigma. Using new analytical techniques, a team of researchers has managed to unravel the secrets of the manufacturing process of this copper amulet, the first known object to have been made using lost-...
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Science Heads for the Big Screen(s)
Computer science Following the race towards miniaturization that has brought us the smaller touch sensitive screens we use every day, scientists are now trying to see a bigger picture. Thanks to increasingly innovative screens, they are designing a number of tools that allow unprecedented interactions between man...
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