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Newsletter April 2017

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This month in science (April 2017)
space video
Now Boarding for the Stars
Astronomy Sofia is a Boeing 747 like no other. Run by NASA and the DLR, the German space agency, this aircraft was specially modified to accommodate a telescope. Come on board with astrophysicist Olivier Berné and jet to the stratosphere to observe the nebula of Orion, where stars are born.
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society article
ERC: a Ten-year Success Story
Europe The European Research Council (ERC) celebrates its tenth anniversary this year. Acclaimed by the scientific community, the prestigious European research program can take pride in a nearly flawless track record.
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society article
Why the World will be Marching for Science
Science Communication What began as a short post on a popular online forum has now taken a life of its own. On April 22nd, citizens in Washington DC and around the world—in 514 cities across 54 countries—will be marching “for science.” We explore the roots of this movement and its objectives.
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Also this month
digital billet
Yves Meyer, an Exceptional Mathematician
Mathematics The mathematician Yves Meyer has just been awarded the Abel prize, one of the discipline's highest distinctions, for his research on the theory of wavelets. We asked Albert Cohen, mathematician at the Laboratoire Jacques-Louis-Lions, to shed light on his contributions and their applications in...
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society article
River Seine: Preparing for the Flood
Crisis management A few weeks before the Seine burst its banks in June 2016, a large-scale crisis management exercise dubbed "EU Sequana" was held in the Paris region with the aim of preparing for the next "flood of the century." Taking part was a team of researchers, including Valérie November, who has published a...
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society billet
The Fascinating Art of Whistled Speech
Linguistics Unesco has just included a whistled language unique to Turkey on the List of Intangible Cultural Heritage in Need of Urgent Safeguarding. The linguist and bio-acoustician Julien Meyer tells us about this astonishing method of communication, still practiced in many parts of the world.
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life article
Stretching the Boundaries of Bio-elasticity
bioengineering Already involved in numerous pathologies, the elastic properties of tissues and organs now represent a promising new lead in biological and medical research. Preliminary results point to new types of treatment.
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life article
New Strategies to Fight Cystic Fibrosis
Health In France, cystic fibrosis affects some 150 newborns each year. While there have already been significant advances in how symptoms are treated, research is now targeting the cause of this fatal disorder. CNRS News reviews the latest and promising therapeutic strategies.
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digital article
Takes Two: Why We Learn Better Together
Robotics The benefits of hands-on learning are widely recognized. A new international study now delves further and detects how the sense of touch stimulates motor learning when pairs of individuals interact.
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society article
Soccer: What Are the Chances?
Mathematics To better understand how probabilities play out in soccer, researchers have just created a championship where the number of matches tends towards infinity. Could this help explain—and predict—why weaker teams sometimes come out on top?
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society video
Data Recall: Terrorist Attacks and Memory
Social sciences How is collective memory shaped after tragic events like the November 2015 terrorist attacks in Paris? A team of researchers are tapping into the memories of 1000 participants over a period of 10 years. The idea is to follow how individual memories evolve, influence one another until a...
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