Making sense of science
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The sociologist Sophie Dubuisson-Quellier, a member of France’s HCC high council for the climate, talks to CNRS News about the concept of energy sobriety, its goals and the obstacles it faces.
From election campaigns to the war in Ukraine, social networks are now used on a massive scale to influence public opinion. David Chavalarias, director of the Politoscope project and author of a...
The first identified cases of AIDS, in 1981, caused an outbreak of panic, along with widespread discrimination. Since medical science initially proved powerless, people with AIDS and support groups...
Since 1981, the surveys conducted every ten years by the European Values Study programme have assessed the values and beliefs of Europe’s citizens. To mark the launch of the book La France des...

In the Greek cities of antiquity, a lottery system was devised to select citizens for public duty. For the first time, researchers were able to build a stone replica of a kleroterion, the amazing...

Algorithms are increasingly present in our daily lives and decision-making processes. Yet in the era of big data and artificial intelligence, the lack of transparency of some automated data...