Making sense of science
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A CNRS research team is developing a computer program to calculate the risk of collision between a satellite and orbiting debris in real time.
"Be there. Will be wild!" exhorted Donald Trump on Twitter before the invasion of the Capitol on 6 January 2021, which was revisited in mid-June by an investigative committee. The former...
Artificial intelligence may enable earlier diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, an incurable disease that attacks the central nervous system. This could improve the efficacy of treatments designed to...
For a few days last year, scientists tried a self-driving car on the roads of Rambouillet (Paris region). The goal was to analyse its behaviour in relation to other road users, and to test its entry...
Rapid improvements in deepfake technology, which modifies a person's appearance or voice in real time, call for an ethical review at this still early stage. Researchers in cognitive science shed...
The quantum computing revolution will make many concepts and devices obsolete, thereby generating certain security problems. The National Institute of Standards and Technology in the US has organised...