Making sense of science
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From JPEG images to the detection of gravitational waves, the work of Joseph Fourier, whose 250th anniversary was celebrated last month, led to numerous modern-day applications. Yet this would not...
City centers tend to be hotter than the suburbs, but some heat up more than others. An international research team now shows that the spatial configuration of buildings determines how high a city’s...
Two CNRS Gold Medals are awarded this year to physicists Alain Brillet and Thibault Damour, whose research contributed to the first direct detection of gravitational waves. On the same day, the first...
Far from the labs of the big cities, France boasts two scenic locations given over to scientific thinking and to the sharing of knowledge among physicists from around the world. CNRS News takes you...
Today, researchers are still primarily evaluated on their contributions to articles published in scientific journals. But what is the real value of such contributions when there are several dozen or...

Long reserved only to biologists, the field of embryology is becoming increasingly open to physicists, whose role is to dissect the mechanical processes of embryonic development.