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Newsletter June 2021

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This month in science (June 2021)
matter article
Jean Dalibard receives the CNRS 2021 Gold Medal
2021 CNRS Gold Medal A brilliant physicist and a leading specialist in cold atoms, an area that is central to light-matter interaction, Jean Dalibard has been awarded the CNRS 2021 Gold Medal, one of France’s highest scientific distinctions.
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life article
How optogenetics has restored partial sight to a blind patient
Biology Thanks to gene therapy and the use of adapted spectacles, a blind patient is now able to distinguish the shape of objects to recognise, count and grasp them. José-Alain Sahel, the lead author of this study published in Nature Medicine and a founding member of the Institut de la Vision, explains the science behind this extraordinary breakthrough.
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digital article
Leading CNRS project on hybrid AI launched in Singapore
Artificial Intelligence A vast collaborative project on hybrid artificial intelligence, led by the CNRS's subsidiary in Singapore and allocated a budget of €35 million over five years, will begin in late 2021.
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Also this month
society article
Fariba Adelkhah’s struggle for freedom
Portrait Arrested in Tehran two years ago and sentenced to five years of detention, the French-Iranian anthropologist has been released from prison but remains under house arrest. She was recently awarded the Irène Joliot-Curie Prize for “Female Scientist of the Year”.
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matter article
Forthcoming revolution will unveil the secrets of matter
Computer science Provided adapted software can be developed, exascale computing, a new generation of supercomputers, will offer massive power to model the properties of molecules and materials, while taking into account their fundamental interactions and quantum mechanics. The European TREX project is set to meet...
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society article
The poles at the centre of the world stage
Geopolitics At first sight, the remote, icy polar regions may appear superficially similar. But they are in fact very different places: the Antarctic and the Arctic have neither the same history nor the same legal status. CNRS News takes a look at the geopolitical significance of the poles, as France prepares...
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society article
The story of AIDS, from fear to fight
History The first identified cases of AIDS, in 1981, caused an outbreak of panic, along with widespread discrimination. Since medical science initially proved powerless, people with AIDS and support groups campaigned vigorously for access to treatment and democratic healthcare. Nevertheless, inequalities...
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earth article
Why the “Gulf Stream” is a misnomer
Oceanography At school, we learned that the Gulf Stream was the warm current that flows across the Atlantic. Yet according to oceanographer Julie Deshayes, things aren't quite so simple. The scientist prefers to speak of the “Atlantic Overturning Circulation” to describe the many ocean eddies that converge on...
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society article
The forest of Fontainebleau is home to rock art treasures
Archaeology With more than 2 000 engraved shelters, the forest of Fontainebleau is home to one of Europe’s largest rock art complexes. A research mission in the Paris region is focusing on geometric engravings, believed to date back to the Mesolithic (11 500 BP to 7 000 BP).
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