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Newsletter February 2020

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This month in science (February 2020)
space article
How to Deflect a Killer Asteroid
astrophysics Successful landing for the OSIRIS-REx mission capsule containing samples taken from the asteroid Bennu in 2020. Re-read our interview with Patrick Michel, CNRS astrophysicist involved in OSIRIS-REx and scientific coordinator of the future Hera probe, scheduled for launch in 2024.
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society article
Is Menopause a Social Construct?
Sociology Far from being a universal experience, menopause may also be a social construct which, by focusing attention on female ageing, could shed light on gender-based social relations in Western society. An interview with the sociologist Cécile Charlap, author of a book on the issue.
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society article
"Our objective: 100% publications in open access"
Open Science The CNRS Chairman and CEO, Antoine Petit, presented the organisation's roadmap for open science during the second annual French national open science days (JNSO) late last year. Chief Research Officer Alain Schuhl, who is in charge of implementing this programme at the CNRS, provides explanations.
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Also this month
matter article
Harvesting Energy for the Internet of Things
Engineering Whether mobile or far from any electrical outlets, the wireless sensors that form the Internet of Things have specific needs. By harvesting ambient energy – thermal, mechanical or luminous – they can provide their own power supply.
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space video
A Camera of Cosmic Proportions
Astronomy The LSST, or Large Synoptic Survey Telescope is about to conduct a 10-year survey of the sky. It will deliver a 500 petabyte set of images and data products that will address some of the most pressing questions about the structure and evolution of the Universe and the objects in it.
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life article
Tuberculosis Vaccines: France to Host the Sixth Global Forum in 2021
Health For the first time since it was created in 2001, the Global Forum on TB Vaccines will be held in France, and more specifically in Toulouse, from 20 to 22 April 2021. The promoters of the French candidacy, Isabelle Saves and Olivier Neyrolles at the Institute of Pharmacology and Structural Biology...
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society article
The Turbulent History of the Suez Canal
History Inaugurated in 1869, the Suez Canal was not just a technical achievement that connected the Red Sea to the Mediterranean, the East to the West. This symbol of European imperialism, which was built by the Frenchman Ferdinand de Lesseps, was the source of tension for more than a century, as recounted...
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space article
Solar Orbiter Blasts Off for the Sun
astrophysics On February 10, the European spacecraft Solar Orbiter will launch and head for the Sun, with the aim of unravelling some of the mysteries surrounding the physics of our star.
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society article
European Research and Brexit
Research policy After Brexit, the UK, a key scientific partner of France and the CNRS, will have to review the basic principles of its membership of the European research community.
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