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Newsletter April 2022

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This month in science (April 2022)
life article
The evolution of the Covid-19 virus remains unpredictable
Interview Two years to the day after the start of the pandemic, and after the successive appearances of different variants, what is the situation regarding the evolution of the SARS-CoV-2 virus? An update by Samuel Alizon, a specialist in the modelling of infectious diseases.
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society digital article
Innovation and emotion form part of heritage preservation
Heritage Whether it is imperilled by the passage of time or by bombardment, as in Ukraine today, the world’s cultural and architectural heritage must be protected. The role of science is key in heritage preservation, especially the latest digitisation techniques.
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Water management: should we be “environmental plumbers”?
Environment Faced with growing disruption to the water cycle, leading to severe flooding and drought together with increasing water pollution, humans are struggling to adapt. But are ever-greater water storage and control of river flows really the right solutions? Hydroclimatologist Florence Habets shared her views with CNRS News.
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Also this month
matter diaporama
Initial results of the Notre Dame scientific renovation project
Archaeology We followed the researchers of the joint CNRS / Ministry of Culture scientific project, who have been hard at work since the disaster on 15 April, 2019. Their mission: to unravel the secrets of the 12th- and 13th-century builders as an aid in restoring the edifice. CNRS News presents their initial...
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matter article
Tracking radioactive barrels in the Atlantic
Environment Between the 1950s and 1990s, some 200,000 barrels of radioactive waste were dumped by European nations into the North East Atlantic. Scientists are set to assess the condition of the barrels today and study their effects on surrounding ecosystems.
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life billet
Dragons, mammoths and giant wolves: what do the animals in “Game of Thrones” tell us?
Paleontology As we await the release of the prequel “House of the Dragon”, scheduled for this coming autumn, here are the answers to three questions that you might not have thought to ask about the cult television series “Game of Thrones”. What glacial period does “Winter is coming” refer to? Have giant wolves...
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Resistance in Ukraine is also digital
Sociology Faced with the blocking of numerous websites and control of social media orchestrated by the Kremlin, Ukrainians and Russian anti-war activists are resisting through decentralised messaging services and distribution lists. An overview by Francesca Musiani, a member of the ResisTIC project on...
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society article
Forgotten dates in Europe's history (3/4)
History In this third episode in our series, made up of excerpts from the book “Chroniques de l'Europe” published by CNRS Éditions, we retrace the long journey of European women to the ballot box, discover that robots originated in the theatre, and take a look at the impact of the psychological sciences on...
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life video
The gilthead bream faced with climate change
Animal Biology How much longer will marine life be able to withstand rising temperatures? Find out more about how scientists are trying to determine the impact of global warming on the physiology and behaviour of the gilthead sea bream.
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