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Newsletter April 2019

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This month in science (April 2019)
life article
Cancer: the Immunotherapy Revolution
Medicine Introduced in the past ten years, immunotherapy is starting to revolutionise the treatment of cancer. Scientists no longer settle for making the immune system destroy a tumour, but indeed strive to remove all the obstacles to its functioning.
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life society article
A New Human Species Discovered in the Philippines
Anthropology It is in the Callao cave on the island of Luzon in the north of the Philippines that a new species of early human has been discovered by an international team: Homo luzonensis. It was identified from 50 to 67,000 year-old fossils. We interviewed palaeoanthropologist Clément Zanolli, who contributed to this major discovery.
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space article
This is the First-Ever Image of a Black Hole
Astronomy After tracking it for five nights, scientists have revealed to the world the image of a supermassive black hole in the heart of the M87 Galaxy. A picture obtained by the international collaboration Event Horizon Telescope. A historical moment.
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Also this month
society billet
Scientists for the French Republic
History The CNRS celebrates its 80th anniversary this year. Throughout 2019, our chronicler Denis Guthleben will be recounting its history. This first episode takes us back to the inception of our institution and its first 20 years of operation.
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life video
Ant-Inspired Robot Navigates on its Own
Robotics Using Nature as a model for better robots? A team of bioroboticists in the South of France have created, for the first time, an autonomous six-legged robot able to—without using GPS—find its way back to its nest using navigation skills inspired by Cataglyphis, the desert ant. 
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life article
What We Know about Pain
Biology Knocking or injuring yourself is not intrinsically painful; it is how our brain interprets such an event that is. We now know more about the circuits involved in pain, and also about its emotional component, which is crucial to understanding this phenomenon.
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matter article
The Enigma of Antimatter
Physics The relation between matter and antimatter has puzzled scientists and sparked experiments on a gigantic scale. The physicist Marie-Hélène Schune explains.
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society article
Robots, those Misunderstood Machines
Robotics What are robots? What can they do today? Will they be able to decide for themselves tomorrow? Jean-Paul Laumond, co-curator of the new permanent exhibition “Robots” at the Cité des Sciences et de l’Industrie in Paris, answers our questions about these “human-like” machines.
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life billet
A Common Treatment for Addiction and PTSD
Neuroscience The factor that unites both of these pathologies: memory. The recently-demonstrated ability to modify reactivated memories paves the way for potential new treatments. Pascale Gisquet-Verrier and Claire Le Dorze present this new therapeutic approach.
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society diaporama
Research to the Extreme
Mission From the jungles of the Amazon to the peaks of the Himalayas, the depths of oceans to those of underground wells, scientists are sometimes severely put to the test in collecting data, setting up measuring instruments, or conducting experiments. An overview of these researchers of the extreme, on...
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life article
What Lies Beneath the Brain’s GPS
Neuroscience New studies have revealed how our brain helps us move around while never losing sight of where we are and where we are going.
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