Making sense of science
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Can social phenomena be described by mathematical laws? In his recent book, the physicist Pablo Jensen warns against the temptation of modeling everything, which—following our increasing reliance on...
The perception of odors remains in many ways a mystery. However, a research team in Nice (southeastern France) has perfected a new protocol for predicting the activation of an olfactory receptor by...
If disaster is unpredictable, so too is the way that people may react to it. The different psychological factors that make individuals tick has inspired computer scientists to model how people really...
By analyzing microscopic defects in the mineral that makes up 60% of the Earth’s mantle, researchers have uncovered what makes this solid rock flow.
Less than a month after US astronomers postulated the existence of a ninth planet in the Solar System, a French team managed to halve the possible search area. One of the researchers responsible for...
Building a 3D reconstruction of an abbey, modeling clouds, or monitoring the life of a bird colony: drones open up a whole range of new possibilities to researchers. CNRS News unveils some of these...