Making sense of science
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How can a building's structure be optimised in order to adhere to exacting security standards, all while reducing its environmental impact? This is the challenge faced by scientists in the...
Hackers and researchers are taking increasing interest in hardware attacks on electronic devices. These attacks can circumvent security protocols, track Internet users, or simply destroy machines.
From election campaigns to the war in Ukraine, social networks are now used on a massive scale to influence public opinion. David Chavalarias, director of the Politoscope project and author of a...
What if there was order within the disorder that surrounds us? Researchers are examining phenomena across all scales in order to explain the dynamics of apparently chaotic or disordered systems, such...
Algorithms are increasingly reliable for identifying the content of images, but so far have not been able to evaluate their aesthetic or emotional value. A new horizon that artificial intelligence is...
Close-up on a French system that won the jackpot at the recent 24th Computer Olympiad, a global multi-game competition for artificial intelligence.