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Robots measuring a few dozen micrometres are now capable of grasping, pushing, and even “feeling” cells! These astounding micromachines, designed at the French Institute for Intelligent Systems and...
The French RoboBreizh team won the main event at RoboCup 2022, the world's most prestigious robotics tournament. It was in the "@Home" category, which focuses on home help, that the...
Highly flexible, environmentally friendly, with the agility of a human hand or the ability to interact in groups... Portraits of five incredibly talented robots that could soon make a debut in the...

From the research lab... to the game room! A team of robotics scientists has developed powerful algorithms that secure drone flights so well that anyone can fly them without fear of crashing...

Alexa and Google Home Assistant are just a first step. Since voice is not enough on its own, scientists are working to create virtual beings that can communicate through gestures and facial...
Can robots replace us today or in the future? For what tasks? Will artificial intelligence surpass human intelligence? Below are some answers provided by the roboticist Jean-Paul Laumond.