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Newsletter November 2022

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This month in science (November 2022)
life matter article
What nanoparticles do to our cells
Chemistry During the past few years, nanoparticles have been increasingly present in our everyday lives. To gain a better understanding of their health impacts, several studies have focused on the effects they have on our bodies and cells.
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matter space article
First-ever physical model consistent with the history of the Earth-Moon system
Physics For the first time, a physical model consistent with observations successfully describes how the tidal force caused by the gravitational pull of the Moon is slowing down the rotation of our planet and increasing the distance that separates it from the Moon.
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life matter diaporama
20 science pictures to catch your eye
Photography The 2022 edition of the LPPI “Proof in Images” competition is here. Discover these winning photos from research, organised by the CNRS with Acfas, its Canadian partner. You can vote for your favourite photo until November 30.
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Also this month
space article
Unprecedented cosmic explosion
astrophysics The astrophysicist Jean-Luc Atteia explains why the exceptional gamma-ray burst detected in early October could dramatically change what we know about supernovae and black holes.
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society article
Babi Yar, 1941: An exceptional account of the massacre of Jews in Kyiv
History On 29 and 30 September, 1941, 33,771 Jews were executed in Babi Yar, near the Ukrainian capital Kyiv. Shown in French cinemas recently to coincide with the anniversary of the tragedy, the documentary Babi Yar. Context offers a precise, levelheaded account of the massacre, committed by Nazi Germany...
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society article
"Memory is a cardinal value of modern democratic societies"
History In 2027 a memorial-museum dedicated to terrorism will open in the western Paris suburb of Suresnes. The historian Henry Rousso, chair of the preliminary project, gives us an overview of the future Museum and Memorial of Terrorism.
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matter article
Attempting to challenge the equivalence principle
Physics Launched in 2016, the MICROSCOPE satellite has confirmed with unprecedented precision the equivalence principle, which lies at the heart of Einstein's general theory of relativity. Two physicists explain the significance of this result.
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matter diaporama
Ten samples that have marked the history of chemistry
Chemistry Nestled at the heart of the French national museum of natural history (MNHN) in Paris, the Communication Molecules and Micro-Organism Adaptation (MCAM) laboratory, a joint CNRS-MNHN unit, is home to some precious samples. Over a century old, they have just been cleaned and inventoried by the...
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society article
Science fiction throws light on the present
Literature From robot rebellions to climate apocalypses, science fiction envisions the consequences of our actions and societal choices in a more or less near – and often discomforting – future. In so doing it contributes to the debates on contemporary issues.
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