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Newsletter November 2021

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This month in science (November 2021)
life article
The new frontiers of the living world
Biology With the discovery of DNA and the spectacular progress of imaging in the twentieth century, it was assumed that biology had already accomplished its revolution. Quite the opposite, says Catherine Jessus, former director of the CNRS's Institute of Biological Sciences, speaking just before the launch of France's Biology Year, jointly organised by the CNRS and the French Ministry of National Education, Youth and Sport: the frontiers of our...
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earth article
MAGIC explores the polar skies
Earth Science Last August, the scientists taking part in the fourth MAGIC campaign headed for Scandinavia, north of the Arctic Circle. Their goal was to study the atmospheric distribution of greenhouse gases using ground-based instruments, balloons and research aircraft.
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society digital article
Do algorithms keep playing the same old song?
Sociology What is the impact of algorithmic recommendations on the diversity of the music being streamed? Using data made available by Deezer, the researchers of the Records project have formulated an initial detailed view of the question.
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Also this month
life article
How light governs sleep
Biology At the Hospices Civils general hospital in Strasbourg (northeastern France), the researchers of the International Research Center for ChronoSomnology (CIRCSom) want to know how well we sleep and why. Their research focuses in particular on the role of light, for which they rely on a unique...
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life billet
The soil underfoot we take for granted
Biodiversity What contains 25% of the Earth’s known biodiversity and 75% of its terrestrial biomass, provides its natural fertility, and regulates its watercourses as well as the climate? No need to look very far, it's right under your feet: the soil! The biologist Marc-André Selosse, who has recently written a...
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society article
“Proust’s political and literary activities are indissociable”
Literature Everyone is familiar with the author, but Marcel Proust also championed a number of political ideas, some of which are still in the public arena today. To mark the anniversaries of his winning the Goncourt Prize in French literature in 1919 and his death in 1922, the researcher in literature Anne...
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life article
Memorising the passing of time
Neuroscience A team from the CNRS, working in partnership with scientists from The Netherlands, has managed to identify neurons that can encode the passing of time. An important advance in our understanding of so-called episodic memory.
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society diaporama
A new window into the Bronze Age discovered in central France
Archaeology A team of archaeologists from the TRACES laboratory, in southwestern France, carrying out excavations in the Allier department (central France) has made a discovery dating back to more than 2,800 years ago. They have uncovered several exceptional deposits of bronze objects, buried in a large...
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life article
How imaging is revolutionising biology
Biology For the launch of the Year of Biology, the neurobiologist Daniel Choquet explains how progress in imaging has contributed to the current explosion of knowledge in the life sciences.
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