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Newsletter January 2024

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This month in science (January 2024)
life article
French cheese under threat
Biology Cheeses host a multitude of microorganisms that turn milk into curds. Selected by humans, these ferments are not exempt from food industry regulations – to the point that blue cheeses and Camembert could disappear.
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life matter diaporama
Science behind the scenes
Photography For the fifth edition of the LPPI “Proof in images” photo competition, first launched in 2019 by the CNRS and its Canadian partner, Acfas, researchers were invited to submit their best science-related shots. Discover the 20 finalists selected by a professional jury and vote for your favourite photograph.
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society earth article
Is a war for water looming?
Inquiry As a result of climate change, a third of the world's population is likely to be affected by dwindling water reserves. This will inevitably lead to growing tensions, both internationally and locally, and raises the issue of how the world's water resources are managed and used.
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Also this month
matter article
Physics to conquer the infinitesimally brief
Physics Attosecond physics, thrust into the limelight by the 2023 Nobel Prize, attempts to explore another dimension of the infinitesimally small: time. This could open up the possibility of observing and controlling the dynamics of electrons and chemical reactions between atoms.
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life article
A new antibody for fighting cancer
Medicine A molecule that can thwart one of the principal mechanisms of tumour resistance to cancer treatments and thus improve patient survival…. This is what researchers in Lyon (France) may have succeeded in developing. Insights.
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society article
Climate transition and the city
Interview As the COP28 gets under way in Dubai, the climatologist Robert Vautard talks to CNRS News about the issues at stake and his new mandate as co-chair of IPCC Working Group I, which assesses the physical science of climate change.
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life article
Addiction is not hardwired in the brain
Neuropsychology From dependence to addiction to the dogma of abstinence, the CNRS neuro-addictologist Serge Ahmed talks about the way our societies view the loss of control over consumption.
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society article
"Sociology needs to reconnect with science"
Interview The sociologist Bernard Lahire feels that it is time for his discipline to identify the fundamental structures of human societies as universal mechanisms, as indisputable as the laws of physics and biology. An audacious proposal made possible by the observation of non-human societies.
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society article
9,000 years of hydraulics
Interview The capture and storage of water are an integral part of the development of human societies. The geoarchaeologist Louise Purdue studies the history of hydraulic systems, from simple wells to complex networks of canals and galleries. She tells CNRS News about how they have evolved in response to...
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