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Newsletter August 2018

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This month in science (August 2018)
space article
GRAVITY Validates Einstein
astrophysics The initial data gathered by the instrument GRAVITY, for a star near the giant black hole located at the center of our galaxy, confirms the predictions of general relativity in the most extreme conditions.
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digital article
Alessio Figalli, Fields Medal 2018
Mathematics The Italian mathematician Alessio Figalli, 34 years old, with over a hundred scientific publications to his name, has just won the most prestigious prize in mathematics, the Fields Medal. We asked his former PhD co-director and Fields medalist Cédric Villani to speak to us about this brilliant mathematician.
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space article
A Mission to Touch the Sun
astrophysics The Sun is one of the final unknown frontiers in our Solar System. This August, a probe was launched to observe this star in unprecedented detail, and closer than ever before. The objective is to solve two of the greatest mysteries in astrophysics.
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Also this month
society article
Children of Marketing
Social sciences Sweets, toys, products... Youth marketing is now affecting all areas of consumption. Researchers are increasingly interested in analyzing the relationships—sometimes ethically problematic—between the world of childhood and the open market. We spoke with Valérie-Inès de la Ville, who chaired a...
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life billet
Neuroscience in the Courtroom
Law Brain imaging grants access to new information that may potentially be used by judiciary systems around the world. Yet it is essential to avoid overinterpretation of such data. In France, a 2011 bioethics law contains a number of safeguards, but according to legal researcher Sonia Desmoulin-...
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society article
What Future for Europe
Political science Mounting populism, Brexit, a looming trade crisis with the United States… How will the current tensions within the European Union transform its economic, social and political landscape? This was the question that 500 researchers recently tried to answer in Paris during the International Congress of...
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society article
How Wine Conquered the World
Economy Within a few short decades, wine has established itself as a key product in the global market. During the EuroScience Open Forum (Esof), which is being held in Toulouse last July, a session organized by the "In Vino Varietas" research group focused on the recent developments in the wine sector,...
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digital billet
Why the Internet must Remain Neutral
Computer science A founding principle of the Internet, net neutrality, has recently been challenged in the United States. The specialist Serge Abiteboul explains why equal access to online data is a precious and indispensable precept for guaranteeing individual freedom.
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digital article
French Mathematics in Rio
Mathematics France took its place at the renowned plenary lectures of the International Congress of Mathematicians held in August in Brazil, during which the Fields Medal winners were announced.
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