Making sense of science
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Surprising collective behaviour can be observed within human groups. A research team in southwestern France has focused on segregation, and on the information necessary to trigger it. This study...
An interview with Grégoire Borst, director of the Laboratory for the Psychology of Child Development and Education (LaPsyDÉ) on how cognitive bias influences people’s behaviour – both in everyday...
Rarely have scientists been so sollicited and praised by journalists and politicians, who seek their support in confronting the current health crisis. A consensus to be viewed with caution, warns...
Social networks, everyday conversations, political discourse, the media, the arts… No form of communication is immune to stereotypes. Although sometimes evoked for the purpose of humour, they are...
We are increasingly relying on digital devices to record information in our place. While such use of digital technologies might free up our brain to focus on other tasks, is there not a long-term...
Faced with the explosion of digital data, researchers are looking for revolutionary storage methods. The use of polymers, long molecular chains, is among the most promising avenues.