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What would we do without them? Digital tools allow a majority of people under confinement to palliate the imposed seclusion, continue working or studying and find entertainment. At the same time, due...

How can Notre-Dame's stone, woodworks and stained glass be restored in the best possible manner? A large scientific collaboration bringing together more than 50 research teams has begun to...

The treatment of certain cancers using dynamic phototherapy has revealed an unexpected side effect: patients can see better at night. Using molecular simulation, scientists have now succeeded in...
A number of start-ups linked to labs at the CNRS attended the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) 2020 earlier this month, the famous international trade fair for new technologies.
Wood, stone, iron and lead: what do we know about the materials used to build Notre-Dame and the construction techniques employed at the time? Should they be replicated? And which tests that were...