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Artificial intelligence has turned into a surprising, but effective ally in the fight against cyberbullying, a phenomenon that primarily involves teenagers.
In a recently-published essay entitled "The Third Brain,” the researcher Pierre-Marc de Biasi alerts us to our increasing dependency on the smartphone, an "intrusive, manipulative and...
Nearly a thousand ornamented steles dot the Mongolian steppes. These “deer stones” were erected between 1200 and 800 BC, and are part of large funerary complexes built by nomads from the Karasuk...
Using extraordinarily detailed 3D images of the internal structure of kerogen—the organic matter in source rocks from which fossil fuels are extracted—a French-American team demonstrates that the...
Researchers have developed a computer model that can identify whether an athlete may have engaged in doping based on their performance history.
From atom adders to nanometric thermometers and antibiotic cages, a number of cutting-edge international projects were recognized during the Étoiles de l’Europe award ceremony. Each year this prize...
On November 13-16, 2018 in Versailles, the base units of the International System were set to be redefined in reference to seven physical constants. A look back at the reasons and issues involved in...
The Medal of Innovation was awarded on October 10 to Valérie Castellani, Thierry Chartier and Daniel Le Berre. Awarded by the CNRS since 2011, this prize rewards researchers for their outstanding...
Whether it’s developing smart materials for safer roads or connected medical instruments to help doctors make the best-informed decisions, CNRS research is at the heart of a number of start-ups. We...