Making sense of science
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The European project OligoArchive is working on proof of concept for data storage on synthetic DNA. While this medium is in theory unrivalled in terms of information density and longevity, it still...
The Open Geospatial Consortium (OGC) has adopted a new international standard, opening the way to a common format for cartographic description. The geographer Erwan Bocher and his colleague Olivier...
The Paris-based ISC-PIF Institute has published a series of maps generated from automated analysis of all scientific publications devoted to Covid-19. Its director explains the value of these...
Data openness and sharing, which are becoming a necessity, could lead to new discoveries. This will require appropriate resources, as well as coordinated reflection across borders.
French research has just equipped itself with a new supercomputer called Jean Zay, one of the most powerful in Europe. What will this supercomputer change? How are France and Europe positioning...
Artificial intelligence has turned into a surprising, but effective ally in the fight against cyberbullying, a phenomenon that primarily involves teenagers.