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Can robots replace us today or in the future? For what tasks? Will artificial intelligence surpass human intelligence? Below are some answers provided by the roboticist Jean-Paul Laumond.
Three years before Blade Runner, Ridley Scott had already cast an android that could pass as human in Alien. Will we be conversing with such capable machines by 2093, the year in which the film...
The new Jean-Zay supercomputer at the CNRS Institute for Development and Resources in Intensive Scientific Computing (IDRIS) is one of the instruments financed for the benefit of French researchers....
Artificial intelligence algorithms are often seen as "black boxes" whose rules remain inaccessible. We must therefore create a new scientific discipline to understand the behaviour of the...

For amputees, controlling a robotic prosthesis is far from a perfect solution. It can take months of training before they can perform basic day-to-day operations. In France, a team of researchers...

In a recently-published essay entitled "The Third Brain,” the researcher Pierre-Marc de Biasi alerts us to our increasing dependency on the smartphone, an "intrusive, manipulative and...