Making sense of science
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One of the five main objectives of the EU’s Horizon Europe research programme is to see 100 cities attain carbon neutrality by 2030. Christophe Ménézo, a specialist in photovoltaic solar energy,...
An inevitable evolution... or just a fad? The computer scientist Michel Beaudouin-Lafon provides an uncompromising analysis of the metaverse, the virtual world that some digital companies are pinning...
Rapid improvements in deepfake technology, which modifies a person's appearance or voice in real time, call for an ethical review at this still early stage. Researchers in cognitive science shed...
Algorithms are increasingly reliable for identifying the content of images, but so far have not been able to evaluate their aesthetic or emotional value. A new horizon that artificial intelligence is...
All it takes is one click for your computer to be taken hostage by a malware program that will relinquish control only for a ransom. Upon the launch of Cybermallix, a CNRS joint laboratory with the...
The artificial neuron she created caused a stir. Now she is set to develop processors inspired by the functioning of the brain. A portrait of spintronics specialist Julie Grollier.