Making sense of science
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A Paris-based research team has developed a capsule to swallow that will produce images and 3D maps of the intestine. A new era is dawning in colorectal cancer screening.
A magic device of sorts, the universal automatic translators of science fiction enable human and extra-terrestrial civilisations to communicate effortlessly and with no previous learning. Some...
Alexa and Google Home Assistant are just a first step. Since voice is not enough on its own, scientists are working to create virtual beings that can communicate through gestures and facial...
French research has just equipped itself with a new supercomputer called Jean Zay, one of the most powerful in Europe. What will this supercomputer change? How are France and Europe positioning...
Can robots replace us today or in the future? For what tasks? Will artificial intelligence surpass human intelligence? Below are some answers provided by the roboticist Jean-Paul Laumond.
Three years before Blade Runner, Ridley Scott had already cast an android that could pass as human in Alien. Will we be conversing with such capable machines by 2093, the year in which the film...