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Faced with growing disruption to the water cycle, leading to severe flooding and drought together with increasing water pollution, humans are struggling to adapt. But are ever-greater water storage...
The European project OligoArchive is working on proof of concept for data storage on synthetic DNA. While this medium is in theory unrivalled in terms of information density and longevity, it still...
Combining miniaturisation and wireless connection, mobile devices require quick and durable sources of electricity: micro-supercapacitors and microbatteries could provide the solution.
We are increasingly relying on digital devices to record information in our place. While such use of digital technologies might free up our brain to focus on other tasks, is there not a long-term...
Spintronics, which uses both the electrical and magnetic properties of electrons, has greatly increased the storage capacity of hard drives since the 1990s. Today it opens up new avenues for the...
Between hope, disappointment and spectacular progress, research on photovoltaic solar energy is rapidly gathering pace. We examine the most promising trends in this field with photovoltaic energy...