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When a car accident is unavoidable, is it better to sacrifice the lives of passengers or pedestrians? It is on this type of moral dilemmas that the "Moral Machine" simulator developed by...
Fake reviews on the Web are far more widespread than we think. Andreas Munzel, a specialist in online-user review analysis, deciphers this type of fraudulent practice.
The demonstration of intestinal parasites in World War I soldiers provides additional evidence of the horror of these men’s daily lives. This discovery was possible thanks to an emerging discipline,...
A recent study reveals that these large mammals, known for their legendary memory, only have short phases of sleep. This surprising discovery could give rise to new strategies for combating insomnia.
Schrödinger’s cat, a thought experiment in quantum mechanics, points to the possibility of parallel universes. Physicist Aurélien Barrau believes that one day, it will be possible to devise...
Can treats from the bakery be an aid to understanding physics? In any case, it is the approach taken by the Nobel Committee to shed light on the work of the three winners of the 2016 Nobel Prize in...
From engines to landing gear, science is present everywhere on board an aircraft. Following last month's Paris Air Show, here is a quick overview of recent advances, arising in particular from...