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Newsletter September 2019

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This month in science (September 2019)
society earth article
Make our Planet Great Again: They Chose France
Environment Spotlight on the Make Our Planet Great Again programme, launched in June 2017 by French President Emmanuel Macron. Its first conference will be held on 1st October in Paris.
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digital article
Four Aces for Innovation
CNRS Innovation Medals Ane Aanesland, Livio de Luca, Vance Bergeron, and Orphée Cugat are the 2019 CNRS Innovation Medallists. Since 2011, this CNRS prize has rewarded researchers for their work in the technological, therapeutic, economic, and social fields.
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society video
The Historians of Slavery
History After abolishing slavery, the French government compensated... the slave owners! A team of historians is uncovering new complexities of France's painful past.
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Also this month
life article
A Remedy for Performance Anxiety?
Biology In the lead-up to the 2020 Olympics, a French-Japanese team offers sportspersons—as well as performers from other fields—a precious boost by identifying the brain region linked with performance anxiety and defining strategies against its detrimental effects.
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society billet
European Legislation for Whistleblowers at Last
International In April 2019, the European Parliament passed new legislation providing greater protection for whistleblowers. What will be the concrete effects of this law called for by the UN and European civil society?
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society article
Will the Androids from the Alien Saga Exist in 2093?
Film Three years before Blade Runner, Ridley Scott had already cast an android that could pass as human in Alien. Will we be conversing with such capable machines by 2093, the year in which the film series begins? Answers from Frédéric Landragin, co-author of L’Art et la science dans Alien, published a...
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earth article
Valérie Masson-Delmotte, a Voice for the Climate
climatology Of the ten most influential personalities in 2018, according to a ranking by the scientific journal Nature, only one is French: Valérie Masson-Delmotte. CNRS News looks back at the brilliant career of a researcher who was also awarded the CNRS Silver Medal in 2019, and whose expertise on climate...
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life article
In Sport, Innovation across all Fields!
Engineering Whether surfing or football fans, cycling champions, or simply those concerned about protecting their bodies during physical effort or against injuries, researchers are innovating on all fronts in the field of sport.
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life diaporama
Science in Focus
Photography Discover the 20 photos that won the La preuve par l’image (The Proof is in the picture) competition. The competition, which was organised this year by the CNRS and the francophone association for knowledge (ACFAS), rewards images from research projects across all scientific fields. The jury prize...
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society article
A Moving Walkway?
innovation In Paris, traffic problems are nothing new, as people were already trying to find solutions to help ease the flow during the 1920s. Evidence of this can be found in images from a project for a moving walkway planned for the Parisian underground.
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society article
Shelved Inventions
innovation The history of innovation is also a history of failures. Here are a few examples taken from the archives of the Direction des inventions, one of the ancestors of the CNRS.
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Press Releases
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West Africa: human-induced air pollution is higher than expected
Two French climate models consistently predict a pronounced global warming
Northern France was already inhabited more than 650,000 years ago
Peatlands trap CO2, even during droughts
What noggin of modern humans’ ancestor would have looked like
Similar information rates across languages, despite divergent speech rates
Newfound phalanx fragment shows Denisovans closer to modern humans than Neanderthals
Secret messages hidden in light-sensitive polymers
Female gorillas detect and avoid sick groups
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