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Newsletter April 2021

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This month in science (April 2021)
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The CNRS 2021 Innovation Medal laureates
CNRS Innovation Medals Antoine Aiello, Nora Dempsey, François Jérôme and Amanda Silva Brun are the four recipients of the CNRS 2021 Innovation Medal. Created 10 years ago, this distinction honours people whose outstanding research has led to significant technological, economic, therapeutic or social innovations that promote French scientific research.
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Slime moulds head for space
Biology Four slime moulds, strange single-celled organisms without brains, will join French astronaut Thomas Pesquet on the International Space Station. On board, Pesquet will use them for various experiments, which will also be carried out back on Earth by thousands of French school students, with the assistance of France’s space agency CNES and the CNRS.
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Also this month
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It is not too late to act for biodiversity
Biodiversity According to Bruno David, President of the French National Museum of Natural History, Homo sapiens is about to expose land ecosystems to a major crisis, thus increasing the risk of pandemics. Yet it is not too late to reverse the trend.
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Towards a post-quantum cryptography
Computer science The quantum computing revolution will make many concepts and devices obsolete, thereby generating certain security problems. The National Institute of Standards and Technology in the US has organised an international competition to establish new cryptographic principles. The researcher Adeline Roux...
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Do Covid-19 vaccines prevent infection and transmission?
Biology Studies in widely vaccinated populations, such as those in Israel and the UK, have confirmed in vivo the protection promised by different vaccines. The risk of vaccinated individuals transmitting the virus may also be reduced. Three experts working at the INEM offer their insights.
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Between transparency and confidentiality, is electronic voting viable?
Computer science In France, where the first lockdown was imposed immediately following the initial round of the 2020 municipal elections, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought remote electronic voting back to the forefront. Stéphanie Delaune and Véronique Cortier, specialists in cryptographic issues, shed light on the...
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African rock art treasures revealed in the Lovo Massif
Archaeology Located in the north of the former African kingdom of Kongo, the Lovo Massif is home to a number of rock art sites with a history spanning several centuries. The French-Congolese Lovo mission is studying and listing them with the aim of learning more about rock art in central Africa, as well as...
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More eco-friendly, cost-effective membranes for seawater desalination
Chemistry Demographic growth, droughts: access to drinking water is a major public health issue. New seawater desalination membranes could help reduce costs while preserving the environment, explains Mihail Barboiu, member of the Montpellier-based Institut Européen des Membranes, who coordinated this...
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