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From the research lab... to the game room! A team of robotics scientists has developed powerful algorithms that secure drone flights so well that anyone can fly them without fear of crashing...

From industrial adhesives inspired by gecko feet to traditional dances imitating the movements of animals, humans have drawn an infinite number of ideas from nature. This biomimicry often reveals...
In Paris, traffic problems are nothing new, as people were already trying to find solutions to help ease the flow during the 1920s. Evidence of this can be found in images from a project for a moving...
Ane Aanesland, Livio de Luca, Vance Bergeron, and Orphée Cugat are the 2019 CNRS Innovation Medallists. Since 2011, this CNRS prize has rewarded researchers for their work in the technological,...
The history of innovation is also a history of failures. Here are a few examples taken from the archives of the Direction des inventions, one of the ancestors of the CNRS.
The Medal of Innovation was awarded on October 10 to Valérie Castellani, Thierry Chartier and Daniel Le Berre. Awarded by the CNRS since 2011, this prize rewards researchers for their outstanding...