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Newsletter June 2022

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This month in science (June 2022)
matter society article
The CNRS 2022 Innovation Medal laureates
Awards Jacques Marteau, Pierre Nassoy, Denis Spitzer, and Céline Vallot are the four laureates of the CNRS 2022 Innovation Medal. This distinction honours personalities whose exceptional research work has led to significant technological, economic, therapeutic, or social innovation, thereby promoting French scientific research.
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life earth article
Françoise Gaill, the voice of the oceans
Portrait A specialist in deep-sea ecosystems, marine biologist Françoise Gaill takes action on an international scale to protect the oceans through the Ocean & Climate Platform.
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space video
The laboratory comet
Astrochemistry The aim of several scientists is to trace the changes of a comet during its journey through the Solar System by reproducing the thermal and light characteristics of the cosmos in the laboratory. This will enable them to understand where the elements that formed the Earth came from and to track down the first traces of life.
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Also this month
life article
Plants adopt new strategies to survive in cities
Ecology Whether between paving stones, on the edges of pavements, or along walls, wild plants are surreptitiously settling in cities. They can even adapt to the urban environment through genetic evolution, explains the ecologist Pierre-Olivier Cheptou.
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life article
IA leads the charge against multiple sclerosis
Artificial Intelligence Artificial intelligence may enable earlier diagnosis of Multiple Sclerosis, an incurable disease that attacks the central nervous system. This could improve the efficacy of treatments designed to slow its progression.
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matter article
Construction, a future worksite for mechanics
Mechanics How can a building's structure be optimised in order to adhere to exacting security standards, all while reducing its environmental impact? This is the challenge faced by scientists in the highly-active field of mechanics.
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society article
Famed paleontologist Yves Coppens has died
Tribute The co-discoverer of Lucy, who joined the CNRS in 1956, died this month at the age of 87.
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life article
Biomechanics off to a flying start in BMX racing
biomechanics BMX racing, which has been an Olympic sport since 2008, is the cycling event that requires to apply the greatest force to pedals. Researchers at the Pprime Institute were approached to help competitors and their trainers better assess their movements and improve their performance.
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society billet
Greening data centres
Computer science Faced with the massive increase in the volume of information processed by data centres, Datazero research projects have been striving since 2015 to develop algorithms that can optimise their energy consumption and accessibility. The computer science researcher Jean-Marc Pierson initiated this...
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Launch of an exploratory Priority Research Programme and Equipment for data storage on DNA
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International news
UN Ocean Conference: the CNRS and the challenge of sustainable oceans
Claude Grison is the winner of the European Inventor Award 2022 in the "Research" category
“We are building a dynamic scientific collaboration network that will strengthen ties between France and Italy”
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