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Newsletter December 2022

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This month in science (December 2022)
life society article
A conference to reverse the biodiversity crisis
Ecology Philippe Grandcolas, deputy scientific director at the CNRS Institute of Ecology and Environment, reviews the major issues at stake at the COP15 conference that was held in Montreal, Canada, from 7 to 19 December.
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matter earth article
SWOT, a satellite to survey Earth's surface water
Geophysics Scientific concepts of the utmost importance, ranging from climate models to the water cycle, lack data about the height, velocity and flow rate of surface water. The joint French-US mission SWOT should shed light on these questions thanks to a brand-new onboard instrument.
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life society article
Pasteur beyond the legend
Interview For the bicentennial of the birth of Louis Pasteur (1822-1895), the biologist Michel Morange, author of a recent biography of the famous scientist, talks about his life, work and legend.
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Also this month
life article
In the brain, connections rule the roost!
Neuroscience The CNRS research professor Michel Thiebaut de Schotten, who specialises in neuropsychology and neuroimaging, proposes a new model of the brain that enables a clearer understanding of its functioning and improved management of neurological disorders.
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society article
Feminicide: naming the crime in order to fight it
History Throughout history, on every continent, women have been killed because they were women. In order to study the particular nature of this type of violence and analyse its causes, researchers insist that a specific term should designate it.
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space article
Two rovers in search of signs of life on Mars
astrophysics Earth's smaller sister planet, Mars, may have seen the emergence of life in its early history. To be certain, NASA's rovers Curiosity, launched ten years ago, and Perseverance, which landed on the Red Planet in February 2021, continue to explore the surface in search of evidence. CNRS News takes a...
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society article
“Avatar depicts two strikingly different forms of ecology”
Film With the recent release of the sequel to James Cameron’s blockbuster, we asked the anthropologist Perig Pitrou for his analysis of the first instalment. Beyond nature and culture, what representations of the living world underlie the film’s ecological message?
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And the latest from the CNRS
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