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Recent years have seen the return of French archaeological missions to Iraq. A project launched last spring plans to use innovative cartography techniques to help Iraqis conserve their heritage.
The great organ, which was partially spared by the fire, is not the only thing that resounds within Notre-Dame. CNRS researchers are trying to reconstruct the cathedral's sound environment...
In the Sechura Desert on the Pacific coast of Peru, the Huaca Amarilla archaeological site has yielded a unique—and surprising—glimpse of funerary practices in the pre-Hispanic period, from the 10th...
Building a 3D reconstruction of an abbey, modeling clouds, or monitoring the life of a bird colony: drones open up a whole range of new possibilities to researchers. CNRS News unveils some of these...

Discovered in the 19th century when the city of Bordeaux's fortifications were dismantled, a collection of 400 architectural pieces that date back to the Roman empire have stumped researchers for...


Today, only four arches remain of the famous bridge of Avignon (southeastern France), which in the Middle Ages, was over 900 m long to cross the entire Rhône river. Following a four-year research...