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The Art Conservator and the Synchrotron

The Art Conservator and the Synchrotron


Is art truly eternal? Paintings by History's greatest masters are affected by the passage of time. But scientists and curators have joined forces to figure out exactly what is causing the ageing of artwork and find a solution to save this heritage for generations to come.

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9 min 43
Pierre de Parscau
CNRS Images
Speaker(s) :
Mathieu Thoury
Institut photonique d'analyse non-destructive européen des matériaux anciens (IPANEMA)
CNRS / Ministère de la Culture / Université Versailles St-Quentin
Robert van Langh
Head of Paintings Conservation and Restoration, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Katrien Keune
Paintings Research Scientist
Conservation Department, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Associate Professor
Van’t Hoff Institute for Molecular Sciences, University of Amsterdam
Petria Noble
Head of Paintings Conservation, Rijksmuseum Amsterdam
Selwin Hageraats
PhD student at the Rijksmuseum


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